Johnson Pine


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out how much lumber I need for my project?

First you need to calculate the square footage of the area of your project. For example, for a wall 8′ high and 10′ wide, the square footage would be 8×10=80 sq. ft. Then you need to subtract the square footage of any windows or doors in the project area to finalize your total square footage.

Next, calculate your lineal footage by multiplying the square footage by the exposed surface area of the product that you are using. For example, Johnson Lumber 1×6 T&G has a 5.125 face. This means that you would multiply your square footage by 12 and divide by 5.125 to get your lineal footage. If you are using 1×8 T&G, the face coverage is 6.875, therefore you would multiply your square footage by 12 and divide by 6.875.

Finally, always account for about 5% waste factor so that you do not run short. To do this, multiply your final lineal footage by 1.05 and that will be the amount to order.

What is End-Matching and why do I need it?

End-Matching means that each board has a tongue on one side (male end) and a groove on the other side (female end). When the boards are installed, the ends lock together and create a bond that will eliminate the chance of the boards cupping and helps reduce expansion and contraction of the wood. This also means that the boards do not need to all end on a stud, reducing installation time!

How does Johnson Lumber create such a smooth finish for both stain and clearcoat?

Johnson Lumber uses state of the art technology that sands the board every single time an application of stain or clearcoat is applied. This means that your board is sanded (at minimum) of two times making the application of stain and clearcoat smooth and consistent. This also means that when the boards are finished, they will all match because the color stays consistent throughout the process.

How do I clean Johnson Lumber Pre-Finished Pine once it is installed?

We recommend dry-dusting your finished product to remove dust or general buildup. The clearcoat finish makes cleaning a breeze!

Where can I purchase Johnson Lumber Pine?

Our website has a menu option of “Where to Buy”. Once you enter your address, you will be able to find a local lumber retailer that distributes Johnson Lumber Pine. If you have any trouble, please feel free to call us at (315) 493-1774.

Browse By Color

Empire Clear Coat Pine

Empire Clear Coat Pine

Let the natural wood grain and elegant beauty gleam with a maintenance free finish

Stonewash Pine

Stonewash Pine

The perfect shade of pickled white lets the beauty of knots and grain shine through

Whitewash Pine

Whitewash Pine

Modern, bright and clean with a rustic appeal allowing a soft hint of wood grain through

Almond Pine

Almond Pine

Bring home the warmth of this comfortable and luxurious warm almond finish

Driftwood Pine

Driftwood Pine

Add color to any room with a gorgeous grey stain. Amazing with white accents

Copper Pine

Copper Pine

Warm, beautiful Copper stained pine is sure to wow anyone who walks through the door

Bluestain Pine

Bluestain Pine

Bring out the natural variation in pine grain with this truly unique bluestain pine

Browse By Pattern

WP4 V-Groove

V-Groove T&G (WP4)

A Classic Tounge & Groove WP4 Pattern helps any room in your home stand out

Edge & Center Bead (ECB)

Edge & Center Bead T&G (ECB)

This traditional board profile replacates tounge-and-groove places for a classic look

Nickel Gap

Nickel Gap T&G

Create a decorative finish with with this pattern in either Smooth or Rustic finish