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Installation & Care

Thank you for selecting Johnson Pine pre-finished lumber for your home. Johnson Pine and Johnson Lumber Company has been producing unique, quality products since 1977. One of the reasons our customers continue to choose Eastern White Pine is due to its natural beauty and character. However, as it is a natural product so customers should also understand the installation requirements, product qualities, and care necessary to bring this wood into their homes.

Please read before beginning any installation:

Moisture & Humidity

Room temperature and humidity in the installation areas should be consistent with normal, year-round living conditions for at least a week before installing pine paneling. A humidity range of 35%-55% should be maintained during acclimation, installation and at all times afterward. Failing to adhere to these industry standards will likely result in movement of pine, including gapping between boards, possible cupping and checking in the face. Johnson Pine cannot be held responsible for site condition.

Pre-Installation Requirements:

End-Matching means that each board has a tongue on one side and a groove on the other side. When the boards are installed, the ends lock together and create a bond that will eliminate the chance of the boards cupping and helps reduce expansion and contraction of the wood. This also means that the boards do not need to all end on a stud, reducing installation time!

Before any product is installed, all material must be inspected for quality, visual defects & to ensure it is the correct product style/design/color chosen by the customer. It is your responsibility to ensure products are installed only where recommended by the manufacturer/distributor. If any material is in question, DO NOT install it. Stop the job and seek technical support through the lumber retailer prior to proceeding with the installation.

Pre-Install Check List:

  • Is the product satisfactory in every respect and the correct product chosen?
  • Do you understand all of the required installation instructions?
  • Have you ensured that the proper manufacturer/distributor job-site installation conditions exist?
  • Have you inspected all product for proper installation fit, and visible defects?
  • If any of the above items are not confirmed, do not install. Stop the job and seek technical support though the lumber retailer prior to proceeding with the installation.

In the event of claims issues, all claims must first be inspected by the lumber dealer, prior to inspection by your Johnson Pine representative. All claims must be brought to the attention of your lumber dealer first.

Once a product is installed, cut or altered, Johnson Pine assumes no further responsibility for the product for any reason whatsoever. If defective or incorrect product is installed, any labor related to removing and replacing such product will not be covered.

**Goods sold as seconds, specials or clearances are sold as is and no claims will be considered.

Importance of Inspection

Each piece of pine is as unique as the trees from which they are made. Samples are made available only for representation of the general nature of the wood and cannot be relied upon by a purchaser as an express warranty of the product appearance. Unique natural characteristics are normal characteristics and are not construed as defects.

The uniqueness of each piece, including but not limited to, each planks’ natural knots, color variations, and grain deviations must be examined and inspected by buyer or buyers’ representatives to determine its appearance acceptability. If any character trait of any piece of Johnson Pine is unacceptable, you may consider cutting it out of the piece of paneling before installation, although this is not grounds for replacement of the piece and should be accounted for in the assumed 5% waste. Installation of the product constitutes acceptance of all character deviations and occurrences in the product.

Environmental Conditions:

Wood is hygroscopic, it will absorb and expel moisture based on its environment. The humidity level in the home must be maintained in the range of 35% to 55% year round with a temperature range between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Air conditioning, dehumidification or humidification may be necessary to control environmental humidity range, and maintain it in the desired range of 35%-55% since excessive humidity beyond the range may cause individual board swelling, and humidity below the range (typical in late winter or desert climates), may cause individual board shrinkage.


Movement in wood is a natural occurrence with seasonal changes. In summer, when humidity is higher, wood will expand, which can cause cupping. In the winter, when humidity is lower, wood will contract, which can cause separation between boards. For the best overall performance of your pine, the proper humidity level should be maintained between 35%-55% year round.


Eastern White Pine pre-finished lumber contains natural character including variation in grain and knot size/color. These unique, natural characteristics are normal and not construed as defects. Since every tree provides us with its own unique natural characteristics, your paneling may vary from samples or pictures shown. Allow nature to customize your walls & ceilings.


Caring for your pre-finished pine paneling is not difficult. Dry dust your panels when necessary, abrasive products will damage the finish and wood. Rearrange wall decor & furniture periodically so that the wood ages evenly. As pine is a natural product, exposure to sunlight will bring about changes in color, causing an yellowing or ambering effect to occur. This is not a product defect.

Transportation & Storage:

The product must be transported and stored in a dry environment. No exposure to moisture of any type should be permitted. Do not store on concrete surfaces or in garages. Do not deliver wood to the jobsite or install until the building is enclosed and appropriate temperature and humidity levels have been achieved.


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