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Touching Up Johnson Pre-Finished Pine

Johnson Pre-Finished Touch Up Kits

Bumps and scratches can occur during transportation and installation. We have created a solution!

Johnson Lumber offers carefully formulated Touch Up Kits to repair most minor defects in the wood or painted finish. Each kit contains an abrasive pad, a scraper, two fill sticks (light & dark), two paint markers (light and dark) and a topcoat touch-up bottle. The light and dark fill sticks and paint markers are included to touch up different areas of the board so that you can get the most accurate touch-up. Please follow directions (see video below) for proper application.

*  Johnson Lumber prides ourselves in the quality of our Pre-Finished Pine. Natural pine has characteristics throughout the board, including knots that might, at times, not allow the finish to properly adhere. In this case, we recommend our touch up kits as a quick fix.

Additional quarts of matching stain is also available for larger touch-up or matching purposes.

Call your local lumber retailer to inquire about these Touch Up Kits today!

How-To Touch Up Pre-Finished Pine

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